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Stillbirth Is Stillbirth

December 10, 2017

You came to this world already passed from this life

You blessed us with joy, this man and his wife

We longed for your presence we looked forward with joy

To the times that lay ahead of the life with our boy


You wriggled inside me you woke and you slept

You made us laugh at the thought and with joy we both wept

I loved you completely from the day that we knew

I loved you completely like I’ve loved very few


You squirmed and you kicked when words from your dad

Would whisper the joys of the life that you’d have

You gave us those moments like none we had known

You gave us the amazement of the life that we’d grown


Then for some reason, that we’ll never know

It was no longer you time it was your time to go

From the life we had planned for you from the life to be yours

We can’t fathom a reason we can’t fathom the cause


I wanted to hold you to nuzzle and swoon

To love you from here and back to the moon

To bathe you and feed you to see you run free

To sit in the sunshine, just you, your dad, and me


I needed to love you and have you love me back

To sit and to teach you to set you on track

To believe that is over that you’re gone from here

Will never be real will never be clear


I love you sweet baby with all of my heart

I love you like crazy, we’re never apart

You are with me I breath you each part of each day

To me my sweet boy it's like you’ve never gone away.



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