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Dancing To A Different Tune - You Hum It I'll Play It

December 15, 2017



A midwife bowls up regardless of plans

I'll take this I've got this

You're now in my hands

We're here on my turf in my space and time

Let's get this thing done

To delay is a crime


Examine the facts and lay out the scene

Let's turn down your noise 

I'll feel more serene

Sit up no lay down


Just a bit if you would

You'll do as we say coz you know that you should


We're just here to help you escape

From it all

One word from you and 

We'll give him a call

It's fine and it's dandy

It works like a treat!

And into a slumber in no time


Waves will wash over and touch at the shore

The good thing for you

You'll no longer be sore

You'll chat and you'll smile

Ah lookey she's back!

Now we're all sorted

Now we're on track


I'm finding that keeping the rhyme is quite hard

I'll pop out for white toast and see

If that helps

I'll give you the bell

Just call if she yelps

White toast oh my

What am I like?

I'll just take your temp

We'd hate it to spike

So call me be sure if you're worried at all

But look at wee baby

She's having a ball


No worries there she's a trooper that one

So call me remember

If you're worried ok Hun

I'll reckon by time I get back you'll be ready

To get to the hard stuff 

To push nice and steady

We generally give you a hand with that too

Be giving no top ups

It's all up to you

This is your baby your lark and your game!

What are you calling her

Have you thought of a name?


Right now where was I

Yes toast I'll need all my strength

For I know from experience

You'll push at some length



Dystocia and slowing

It's there on the list

Although many would argue it doesn't exist

Never the less you're still just at 6

Thank the lord for you though

Even that we can fix

The waters are broken so that's a big tick

Remember that love it was when you were sick

You might not remember it was yesterday's news

Back before saving and enjoying of views

The needle went in so that's half of it done

We'll hook it all up

And labour will run


Now time is upon us and push you need to

I'll tell you we'll help you

With just what to do

My fingers will guide and my voice will ring clear

I'll direct and confirm what you need to hear

I'll look at the monitor that measures the height

And then we can push with all of your might

Just like you're doing a very large poo

It's your daughter we know that

We honestly do

But in giving her life

Just pretend like a poo


I'm not even sure how to finish this poem

You do

You fill it

With for you what is known


For me when I read this and toe on it's line

The ending is often a moment in time

When senses have left us as a scene does unfold

That for many a moment remembered and retold

Endorphins begone

Oxytocin please leave

I'm here! Got this covered






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