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Painfully Aware: The Sensational Labour

January 6, 2018


With everything else that tells us of life

We get pain with labour not just with strife

The uterus pulls and pushes and clamps

A woman sighs quietly, dances or rants

The cervix gives to the stretch over time

We can feel crazy, tearing, sublime


Visceral, somatic, the bull at the gate

The pain let's us know we're facing our fate

From fiery pathways pulses ascend

Telling of both the beginning and end


Get up move about

Get mobile and full

Leave with the push

Return with the pull

Loosen relax let agony subside

Look down or look up

Or look deep deep inside


We feel it we live it

Engulfed and enslaved 

We're amazing

We're strong

We're honest

And brave


Forefront in our mind we know who we are

But it's back in the dark that takes us so far

The mind is all powerful this much we know

It can tell the body: 'hey stop!' 'now let's go!'

Rhythms should build and levels should peak

Pools should be filled and rockers should creak


Women need strength from without and within

Support gives that strength a place to lie in

Words can distract and questions confuse

Much can be gained from the senses we use

We watch and we wait, company with intent

Encouraging presence that will not relent


The fear in the eyes the flare of concern

The final triumph of courting well earned

I'm a goner, I'm leaving

I'm dying, My God!

Don't leave me I beg you

I'm all but alone

But then I remember

I'm bringing this home


Can I do it?

I can

I will

And I must

In my heart and my mind

In my body

I trust






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